XFL ends first season early amid COVID-19

BJ DanielsJohn Gerchak, Staff Writer 


The XFL recently put out a statement announcing the end of its season due to COVID-19. It hardly seems fair that such a well put together startup league ended in such a sudden way that was in no way the fault of the league itself. That being said, the XFL should be back next year, so it seems only right to address the Seattle Dragon’s flaws this season. 

The Dragons’ greatest shortcoming just so happens to be the biggest problem for every other team in the league, except for the Houston Roughnecks, quarterback talent. Some of the plays in the league will cause viewers to cringe, purely because of how bad some of the quarterback play is. That is not to say that it is always bad, but it is without a doubt inconsistent. Watching Brandon Silvers miss an uncovered wide receiver, and throw multiple interceptions every game is an awful sight. Many fans thought the quality of play would widely mimic that of college football, which was right for the most part, but there is a reason backup quarterbacks in the NFL make so much money.  

Quarterback, P.J. Walker of the Roughnecks was clearly the best in the entire league. He has already been signed by the Carolina Panthers. This could mean that any team capable of bringing in a half-decent quarterback- maybe one who fell just out of NFL backup contention- would instantly be at a huge advantage over the rest of the league.

Brandon Silvers is just not dynamic in the least, and never makes up for it with arm talent. To sit down and hear the announcers praise his pocket awareness right before he takes a sack is extremely uncomfortable. One feels like they are watching an aging Peyton Manning running for his life, except Silvers is twenty-five, and has none of the upsides of Peyton Manning.

Moving on to the Dragons’ second most egregious problem, something they must address this offseason – Head Coach Jim Zorn, who is inadequate almost all of the time. Whether the Dragons win or lose, Zorn’s coaching is the same. This continuous low energy vague blur of directions is about as clear as mud, and can be less exciting than watching paint dry. 

The league’s tendency to show all the sideline interactions only exacerbates the issue, because whenever they show him talking on the sideline, it is always to a player with this look of confusion on his face, just nodding along with whatever the man says. 

The televising of all of this, does him no favors either. At the very least, if this dysfunction was not plain as day for everyone to see, he might be able to save face and step down quietly. None of this even gets into the Dragons’ playbook and how it performs poorly most of the time. Zorn plays the exact opposite of the typical Madden player. He rarely takes risks, and runs the ball into a pile of bodies the majority of the time. If a passing play is called, Zorn often chooses to go with either a slant or streak. The Dragons have a great supporting cast, but some of the biggest players desperately need improvement next season. 

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