City of Olympia hosts semi-annual Arts Walk

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

Every October in downtown Olympia, many people gather to celebrate various arts. The Arts Walk event is usually a physical two-day event, but due to COVID-19, the City of Olympia is offering virtual and in-person viewing this year. The Arts Walk is going to take place throughout  October, which helps you access virtual performances and events, take-out activities, and many more. In addition, the Arts Walk provided information about different mini projects and places that you can contact or visit for each week in October. Furthermore, each art program, workshop, or store, has a description of what is being sold and what art you can create.

It is the creative aspect of what matters to yourself that will bring out the meaning of art for you. Programs like these help with learning about how different people create their artistic pieces and express themselves. Under each event, it has the producers’ contact information, what day and time the event is being held, along with if the event is online, in person or both. For the whole month, some stores and radio show hosts are recurring. 

With the virtual and in-person options, you can either walk by to look at various projects, or you can go on the website to pre-order and pick up. For example, Capitol Florist installed features of rabbits excited for fall and each is handmade from stoneware clay. In addition to the recurring projects, the weekly events are interesting for audiences that enjoy arts. 

Among the many projects happening, a few had an interesting twist to them. One of them consisted of “Taking Out Art at the Park” which is hosted by Lions Park Shelter. The Lions Park Shelter made kits of animals for the youth of the community to craft. Another event that stood out was the “Magic Workshop” hosted by the City of Olympia. This event allowed for a meet and greet with poets Zyna Bakari and Laureate Sandy Sparks. Bakari and Sparks did a reading based on the sidewalk poems in “Here We Are Magic” installed on Olympia’s waterfront. 

Each week for the rest of the month, there are different events going on. For this week, the theme consists of taking tours of downtown Olympia, discovering the bad parts of the world, and having online presentations about different art, music, and other practices in the creative world. This event is specialized to help everyone explore a creative side of the community, themselves, and their families. Art helps relive some memories of the years in passing. In spite of the hard times, the world needs unity and the Arts Walk brings not only artists, but the community together, to learn from and unify others through this creative outlet and the products of them. 

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