Lattin’s Cider Mill: Local fun for fall

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer

Lattin’s Cider Mill hosts seasonal events great for the whole family. Photo retrieved from

Now that fall is finally here, everyone is looking for things to do to celebrate the season. Exploring the local area is a pastime of many college students. One local attraction available to the public, and a great source of fun, is Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm located in Olympia. Lattin’s Cider Mill has multiple activities for students and locals to try and enjoy. They offer face painting, pumpkin picking, and even petting a variety of wonderful animals such as: bunnies, peacocks, pigs, or chickens. 

Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm has been a staple of the community since 1976. It is family-owned and operated, and a great experience for all ages. Every year, the staff sets up a pumpkin patch for visitors to pick from and tasty cider and pies, which they are well-known for. Lattin’s has also been known to win multiple national awards for the apples they sell and use in their recipes. If you have a hankering for apples or just want a dozen apple cider donuts that you can share with your friends, Lattin’s is a great place to visit and hang out.

Decorated along the walls of Latins’ main store are several words from the local programs including some from and even one from the local Best Northwest Escapes Annual Awards. There were two years in a row where TripAdvisor awarded Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm the #1 farm in the state of Washington.

In addition to the fun activities to try at Lattin’s and the variety of tasty treats that they have to offer, it is a fun place to go to take a break and enjoy the local fall scene. Every weekend of October, the cider mill will host their annual Apple Fest. This year’s Apple Fest will be slightly different due to the inevitable changes that COVID-19 has caused. Latin’s Cider Mill staff asks visitors to mask up, come with hand sanitizer, and stay six feet apart as they enjoy the local activities provided. Because Lattin’s is a farm that has food and various animals and children present, safety is their priority. They are taking several precautionary measures in order to ensure safety for all visiting members and ask you to do the same. 

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