A Federal Ban on Stereotyping from the white house and what it means for university

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer

On Sept. 22nd, 2020, the White House issued a notice about an official ban on all forms of race and sexual types of stereotyping. The White House made this ban under the conditions met by The Services Act, 40 U.S.C. 101., for the sole intended purpose that workers may have the fair and equal ability to receive a career without the basis of their sex or race being called into question. 

This is important for a multitude of reasons. The first being that in the wake and extension of the Black Lives Matter movement, it has been brought to the nation’s attention that racial inequality has become the forefront of a national conversation. This brought to light that the requirements for racial equality is not just in the workplace but life in general.

On the backbone of LGBTQIA+ rights, several steps have been taken in response to a national outcry for equity within society. When reading the executive order issued by the White House, a brief synopsis of the historical basis for this expansion of equal rights protection is given. The order discusses racism in America, how it is being scrutinized, and how the movement towards equal rights is being “repackaged” as a new idea. 

This federal order also admits that, according to training materials given from the Arbonne National Laboratory, “racism is interwoven into every fabric of America.” Because of this, it became a priority to include protection against discrimination. By making this a federal ban rather than a state ban, higher levels of severity and seriousness can be applied when the rule is broken, therefore creating more protection.

What this means for Saint Martin’s University is that training protocols and inclusionary practices may possibly be changed. If you sign a contract to work at the school, then that contract is subject to the Official Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP). This program stipulates that all contracts or training given to employees must be adjusted to comply with new federal guidelines. Saint Martin’s must exclude any training videos or language in its contracts that includes sexual or race-based stereotyping.

The Diversity Center is now liable for any training or information they give out that could be deemed as a violation of the stereotyping ban. To protect students, the Diversity Center  implements inclusivity by making the space welcome to all students. Events hosted by the Diversity Center now must follow the federal ban on stereotyping. This means that any information provided before or during these events that includes a stereotype catered towards a specific race or gender must be under revision or excluded. In addition, any training materials given to students who work for Saint Martin’s are now subject to this ban. 

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