Thurston County Cable covers Election Night

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer

If you are looking for a reliable source for local political coverage that you can view online, look no further than the Thurston County cablecast TV web series. On the Thurston County cablecast TV webcast series, Alexis Walker covered the current political news updates and provided clarity on the upcoming news that people should be aware of both on a local level and on a federal level.

On the most recent episode, Deborah Bensel hosted the web seminar explaining and keeping up to date on the most recent election news. The most recent episode came from the time that the polls officially closed. Many guests were invited onto the webcast series, and due to COVID-19 restrictions they were not allowed in the studio. However, they were able to join via zoom. Thurston County commissioner John Hutchings even joins the webcast series in one episode covering the election on a local level for a short period.  One notable individual to appear on this webcast series is Alexis Walker, assistant professor in State and local government at Saint Martin’s University. Important topics were touched on such as how people reacted to COVID-19 and how it applies to the election.

Walker stated that there is uncertainty around how COVID-19 is being handled and how it will affect voters. The important topic of mail-in versus on site ballots was also brought up, with it being mentioned that Washington has been a mail-in state for nearly a decade. The transition for Washingtonians was a bit easier in terms of voting because we were already previously used to mailing in our ballots or dropping them off at pre-approved ballot boxes.

Both Alexis Walker and Deborah Bensel discussed the winning candidates of the Thurston County election. They addressed  various issues, such as how racial tensions in 2020 may have influenced voters to pick a more diverse candidate or a candidate that is more likely to support diverse inclusion. The topic of C Davis who was running for County commissioner in Thurston County but was defeated by newcomer Carolina Mejia. It was discussed that there was a lot of scandal and controversy surrounding the candidate C Davis because of allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. This caused the Republican Party to withdraw their funding for him.

Several other topics were touched upon such as the fact that this election included the largest Thurston County voter turnout in its history with a rate of 75% of the Thurston County population voting. This was brought up in response to Walker being asked if there was anything in this election that surprised her. The voter turnout this election has been nothing short of immense.

Walker and Bensel went through the various candidates and their poll numbers for the election, touching on each person and why they are more likely to win or why they are winning. Further context is given by Alexis and Deborah so that voters can understand what is going on after all the ballots have been counted.

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