2021 Olympic Games Updates

Shy Yamasaki, Staff writer

You all may be wondering, “what’s going to happen with the 2021 Olympic Games?” Since COVID-19 canceled all major events like the 2020 Olympic Games, the board decided to push the games back to 2021 to be safe. It will now be held in late July to early August of this year. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach sent out a letter to the Olympic Movement to discuss the matters of what the Olympic games are going to look like and how they are going to protect the teams due to the coronavirus. With that being said, President Bach mentioned a lot about how the world will look post COVID-19, the social, political and economic impact, and the pathway forward to this year’s Olympic games. The Olympic games committee has been thinking about the different precautions for the athletes and their teams, the values and games of the Olympics must regard sustainability to address what a world with this virus could look like.

In addition, the Olympic games committee has been pushing themselves to make sure they are organizing the sports needed for the Tokyo games. Lastly, he stated that, “we have to drive the Olympic Agenda 2020 forward and adapt it.” Bach means that the agenda helps with making sure the safety and isolation of the athletes stays top priority while also staying on top of scheduling for the games. For the social, political and economic impacts that are mentioned, the social distancing or the “red line’ of the Olympic values are encouraged to address the new challenges and opportunities of recreating the games either virtually or remotely. 

President Bach included the IOC studies which covered strengthening sustainability reforms. These studies help The Olympic Committee to plan for any new measures that must be taken for the games. At the same time, it is still uncertain if the games are actually going to happen.

The most hopeful situation may be that only certain things need to be socially distanced or the teams may have to come in at varying points throughout the day in order to compete.  Some of the Olympic values include peace, respect and the emphasis on respecting global rules to ensure everyone is safely enjoying the games. The Olympic games are a unification of sports across the globe and it creates a community of diverse people. President Bach stated, ‘The Olympic games are building bridges for everybody without any kind of discrimination; and that therefore the Olympic games as this unique sports, cultural and social event should be beyond any political or other divisive considerations.” 

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