Monks Spotlight: Brother Luke

Brianna Lopez, Staff Writer 

Getting to know those around you is a very important part of living on the Saint Martin’s campus. This week’s spotlight features none other than one of our fantastic Monks, Brother Luke. Born in Maryland, Ohio, he and his family moved around a lot. His family consisted of his parents, two brothers and two sisters. The family moved to Springfield, Illinois in his eighth grade year. Brother Luke attended the University of Illinois for his freshman year. However, his family moved to Wyoming after his freshman year and as a family man he moved along with them. Thus, leading him to transfer to the University of Wyoming. From there he moved to Chicago for art school. Due to his fascination with art, Brother Luke wanted to become an artist. He lived there for about three years and ended up meeting someone from Port Townsend.

Brother Luke shifted his interest from art to religion and reconnected with his own Catholic faith. Around the time he finished his education at Saint Martin’s University, he began thinking about becoming a monk. Being an undergraduate student at SMU gave him that time to meet monks and he had the opportunity to see what it was all about before finally joining the monastery in 2001 after graduation. When asked if becoming a monk is easy, brother Luke responded with explanation that it is a gradual process. Being surrounded by the monks and having conversations with them really helped him discover what he wanted to do.

Becoming a monk wasn’t something he thought about early in life but in some ways, wanting to become an artist led him to the idea of becoming a monk. Brother Luke wanted to do something with his life that didn’t consist of just making money, this was not his main purpose so that gave him a step towards his life as a monk. He began having religious questions, and for a man if you are called by God you are going to become a priest. But being a monk is kind of different, there was a lot of exploration that being a monk was a possibility.

According to Brother Luke it’s hard to say whether becoming a monk is an easy transition. There isn’t as much freedom when you have a religious affiliation. Sometimes not being able to have that freedom is a problem for most. Such as not being able to get married. By all means if you do not see that in your future then investigate the possibility of a religious lifestyle. Prayer is three times a day and masses are every day. For a lot of people that is a lot of commitment but if you come into it with an open mind and open to God then there shouldn’t be a problem. 

A few fun facts about Brother Luke is that he loves to travel and do photography. This ties back to his artistic side of life. He loves visiting museums, especially art museums. Finally, he likes to visit family as well. Yes, he would recommend becoming a monk. But ultimately, it’s a matter of feeling a calling of faith. Sometimes it takes a little bit of curiosity and a conversation to be interested in becoming a monk.

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