SAAC Starts Off Semester with Strong Involvement Plans

Andrew Oslin, Content Creator 

Saint Martin’s University’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) has started off the semester on a high note by rolling out blueprints for community service projects, professional development and fundraising opportunities.

“We were able to break out into groups and come up with a plan of attack for each sub-committee,” said Julia Lucas, SAAC President. 

With around 23 members, mostly representatives from each athletic team, splitting into smaller groups helps divide responsibilities and pursue an array of goals.

“We’re trying to accomplish new things in mental health for teams, trying to figure out some ways to do some fundraising for the club, and also trying to get more involved in the community with different service opportunities,” she explained.

Last semester, SAAC decided to transition its status as a campus organization to that of a club. This way, they can request funding from ASSMU (The Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University), the student government and primary source of funding for clubs, to use for events and equipment.

“ASSMU will [also] be able to make announcements for us and help us through that process when we want to get our word out there more,” Lucas said.

The student body must know about SAAC for it to be most effective. After all, its purpose is rooted in uniting a diverse set of students for collective action. Beyond our campus, however, Lucas hopes to have a positive impact on the lives of students who have not yet selected a college to attend. In doing this, she is looking forward to SAAC’s goal of communicating with them by writing letters or collective messages.

“[We’re going to be] potentially talking to younger athletes around the area or beyond, potentially from the schools that they came from and we each came from,” she said. 

This pen pal system of sorts would allow younger athletes a look into what it is like to be a collegiate athlete at Saint Martin’s, with a focus on Division II, especially since the division is often overlooked when compared to Division I schools.   

“I’m most looking forward to doing more hands-on activities with SAAC this semester. We had to do quite a few Zoom meetings last semester,” she explained.

SAAC wants to do more for the teams as a whole. For example, making posters and putting together care packages for athletes traveling for games, or putting posters in the Pavilion or outside will show support for the rest of the athletes in these challenging times.

“In these COVID times we’re going to have a lot of challenges,” Lucas said. “For example, I know that there are athletes in quarantine right now and they wouldn’t be able to participate in games, so [we need to see] how can SAAC best be supportive for those people.”

Looking to the near future, SAAC is hosting an upcoming event.

“We also have a guest speaker, Erin Jones, coming to talk to us soon about diversity and equity through our athletic departments, through our teams, and through the rest of the university,” she said.

As a former student-athlete, Jones will be talking about how to maintain equitability on campus and between athletic teams. This is an aspect of university living that SAAC hopes to further expand upon as the semester progresses.

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