Student Spotlight: Ja’Tarya Hoskins

Tinsae Shifreaw, Staff Writer

When it comes to going to college, Ja’Tarya Hoskins did not expect a national pandemic to change that experience. Hoskins is a freshman who is majoring in Criminal Justice with minors in Writing and Legal Studies. When she is not working on homework or going to class, she’s at the track. Hoskins is a sprinter and hurdler for the Track & Field team. Hoskins is the first freshman hurdler to be recruited from her high school. She did cheer along with track during her high school days and also focused on her education, even taking a year of Running Start. However, when having to make a choice, she chose track, because track made her happiest. When it comes to choosing schools for her future, Hoskins had a lot to think about, especially when the pandemic hit. When she visited Saint Martin’s, however, she knew that this was her school. 

“When I came to the school, I got this feeling. I don’t know what this feeling is but I knew that I had to go here.” Hoskins goals for the future are to become a lawyer and help those in difficult situations. Her goals are most definitely being met with her studious habits. She chose to get a minor in writing because she has passion for creativity and expressing that through language.

Going to school and practicing during a pandemic has definitely been difficult but she has powered through it all. Despite the pandemic occurring, she did not skip any of her classes and continued to work hard and let her academics shine. Even though the pandemic stunts the social aspects of the school, she is able to make friends through classes, her various activities, and in the dorms. Her day would typically start in the early mornings with her classes,  she would always do her homework on time, go to her track practice, return to homework and repeat this schedule throughout the first semester. Even during a pandemic, she still comes up on top. Although classes were both online and in person, she earned a 3.91 GPA last semester. She’s a hard worker who puts her all into everything she does and succeeds. 

All in all, Ja’Tarya Hoskins is an outstanding student who cares for many of her fellow students and is willing to help others when needed. She shines with her focus on her education and passion with a track which makes her a stronger person and someone who is dedicated to her goals and her desire to help others.

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