Senior Saints Plans after Graduation

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer

As midterms for the second semester are wrapping up, finals are the next challenge ahead while the 2020-2021 school year is coming to a close. For Saint Martin’s students graduating in May, the clock is ticking to figure out what to do once the college experience is over. From plans to go into anything from the medical field to engineering, there are a variety of ways the Saints have prepared for the future ahead of them. Here is what some of the seniors have said about their plans after graduation. 

German Chavez, a Civil Engineering major from Southern California and a student officer for the Office of Public Safety has a job already waiting for him at the United States Corp. of Engineers. Chavez also plans to possibly take some post graduate classes and get a masters in Engineering Management. He says that while he is not sure yet, a return to Saint Martin’s to get a Masters is a possibility but that he would like to start the job and get a feel for it first. When asked about what he will miss about the engineering program at Saint Martin’s, he says he will miss the feeling of community among students and faculty in the engineering department. 

“I like how small we [engineering majors] are, we could really become best friends and we actually have good connections with one another,” he said, “These are people who I have everlasting relationships with. This is not something you’d find in any other program.” Other things Chavez says he will miss about Saint Martin’s are the friends he’s made as well as some of his professors.  Chavez said he enjoyed how well the programs are put together. 

Sarah Zepeda, an English major with a minor in Japanese has set up steps in mind after graduation. She has spent a good portion of her time at Saint Martin’s as a peer minister at Campus Ministry. Zepeda’s end goal at the end of her overall school career is to be an English teacher either at a high school or community college. She says that in order to achieve that goal, she has considered getting her masters online because it wouldn’t be dependent on her location as much. But before she does that, she would like to take some time off from school after graduation to work. 

Because Sara Zepeda is an English major, she is currently looking for positions that involve communications. Her previous work experiences regarding communications involved an internship with the employment and security department, working with the communications and public affairs team during the summer and fall. “It was a really good experience not only with that specific department but getting to work with the state itself,” Zepeda said. 

After her great experience with the internship, Zepeda says she would much appreciate a job in the state even if it means having to stay around in the Olympia area rather than her home in the Tri-Cities. For Sarah, the highlight of the English department would have to be the professors. “I feel like they helped me become a strong writer,” she said. 

She also credits the professors for introducing her to newer forms of literature that she says she would never have picked up. “English has always been my favorite subject but I fell in love with it more because of the professors here,” she explained. When asked about what she will miss about her Saint Martin’s experience, she noted the small school structure. As somebody who wants to be a teacher someday, she feels that it is important that teachers feel a close connection with their students to take care of them properly and attend to their academic well being.

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