Restaurant Review: Andy’s Bistro

Tinsae Shifreaw, Staff Writer

One of the main concerns as a college student is finding cheap food that isn’t too far from campus. Here in Lacey, there are many good places to eat with a variety of foods. A restaurant that I went to recently is Andy’s Bistro, which is a local restaurant that is about a 15 minute walk from campus. They serve ramen, pho, soup, as well as sandwiches and different drinks like boba tea, which come in different flavors and jellies. They also offer vegetarian options. The cost was about $10 per bowl of ramen or pho, depending on whether you add extra things or make any changes to your order. When entering the restaurant, there were only six available tables which were spread apart at a safe distance to accommodate the state’s restrictions to fight against COVID-19. The menus are shown on screens above the cash register along with the hard copy on the counter.

Their menu is mainly Asian cuisine with the meals one would typically expect. They offer chicken, tofu, and pork with their ramen and pho options. Along with this, they offer wonton soup and different kinds of sandwiches, including a vegetarian Bhan Mi and a PBLT, which is a pork belly, lettuce and tomato sandwich. They also offer different kinds of drinks, like smoothie tea and blended tea along with the typical fountain drinks found in other restaurants. I, along with two other friends, ordered the pork ramen with different blended teas while another ordered wonton soup with shrimp and a lemonade. The workers that served us were nice and helpful, which was wonderful. The food was brought to us at a very fast pace. They serve the food in big portions, so you don’t have to worry about getting enough to eat and they provide both chopsticks and a spoon for the soup. In the pork ramen, they include ramen noodles and soup, many slices of pork, baby bok choy, and a soft-boiled egg. If you like the egg, you can add an additional egg for fifty cents. On each table, they offer sauces to mix into your soups or add to your sandwiches based on your preferences. The ramen was seasoned well and made me easily full from the portions. The egg was soft-boiled, which tasted great when the yolk was mixed into the soup. The soup was zesty, especially with the sriracha adding a kick of spice mixed in with the broth. The wonton soup with shrimp was flavorful, with the shrimp cooked as well as the wontons. All in all, if you enjoy ramen and wonton soup or are willing to try new foods, Andy’s Bistro is the place to go for a reasonably priced bowl.

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