Fate: A Winx Saga Review

Tinsae Shiferaw, Staff Writer

If you are like most college students, you have access to many different streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max. A major streaming service that we all know and frequent is Netflix. Netflix gives us original and creative new T.V. shows with an array of genres to choose from. Fate: A Winx Saga is a new show that took me by surprise and yet intrigued me. The preview brought about curiosity due to the promise of magic and dark themes similar to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. With that, I was surprised by the creation and the portrayal of the show. It is actually a darker twist of the children’s show, Winx Club, created by Italian-born Iginio Straffi. The children’s show, compared to the new one, is lighter and teaches kids different life lessons like believing in yourself and teamwork. With Fate: A Winx Saga, it is darker with more of the themes that intrigue teenagers and young adults, making it seem somewhat relatable to the young adult population.

When transitioning the family-friendly show to a more age-appropriate teenage drama, many changes had to be done with the plot and some characters had to be taken away. The Fairy of Technology, Tecna, was removed from the lineup of protagonists, and the parents’ names and main parents are different. With the Netflix show, Stella’s main parent is her mother Queen Luna while in the children’s show, her main parent is her father King Radius. 

Fate: A Winx Saga follows the story of Bloom, who unlocked her fire powers in the human world and had to start attending the fairy school Alfea, run by Headmistress Dowling. With her journey starting at Alfea, Bloom starts to learn about her past with her being born of another realm, her powers grow, and a romance blossoms between her and Sky, a specialist in training. Along with Bloom, there is her group of friends, Stella, Terra, Musa and Aisha who also grow as characters and learn to bravely defend their beliefs and stand up for themselves while fighting Beatrix, a fairy with powers of electricity, who freed the true villain of the series. The truth was revealed too late to Bloom, which in turn led to an invasion of the school Alfea and Bloom transforming into a true fairy with wings, which is believed to be a lost power. The show surprises many viewers on who the true villain is and how the ending may unfold. 

The last episode left many viewers, including myself, on a cliffhanger on what is to happen with our protagonist and her group of friends against the villains who took charge of the school. Luckily for those who watched the show, it has been confirmed that season two is being made currently and will be released in early-to-mid 2022.

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