Campus Ministry During Lent

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer

Campus Ministry, which is located in Old Main 316, has been a helpful source of guidance and a resource to students of all denominations and religions who attend Saint Martin’s. However, as the campus is founded by Benedictine monks, the Ministry observes the Catholic Tradition. Currently, Saint Martin’s is observing Lent, the period where Catholic teaching instructs those to give up something of personal value for a temporary amount of time to focus on the teachings of the Catholic Church. The idea behind this is that Catholics will give up something as well as take up something. One can take up a new hobby such as donating their clothes or participating in food drives or assisting with soup kitchens. All of these actions are meant to encourage thoughts of charity toward other people as well as the surrounding community. This emphasizes stewardship and charity, which are some of the values in the Benedictine order which Saint Martin’s University is a part of. 

Saint Martin’s Ministry offers several opportunities for those who wish to participate in Lent through the Easter Vigil service, which is on Saturday, April 3 at 6 P.M. The newsletters of the Campus Ministry, sent to the emails of every student, mentioned that several events are held every week to assist people should they choose to participate. There is the Rosary Prayer which is every Friday at 1 P.M. in Old Main 318 which can assist students in learning the Rosary or help them to understand how to pray the Rosary. Another option is Stations of the Cross which is every Friday beginning February 19 at noon, meeting at Cronk Plaza, the field between Cebula Hall and Harned Hall. Also, there are Compline night prayer wishes Monday through Thursday night at 8:15 P.M. and Baron Hall’s prayer room with Fr. Peter. Last but not least, there is Sunday mass every week at 3 P.M. for all who wish to participate.

During this time, students who are entering the Catholic Church will be receiving their Confirmation. This is a very special event in which the Bishop will attend the mass for students who are entering the Catholic Church.

Sunday mass is in Harned Hall 110. If students have any questions that they would like to ask about Lent or the events that are involved, they are encouraged to contact Fr. Peter. He can be found in the Campus Ministry office or by email. You can also contact Colleen Dunne who works in Campus Ministry and can answer the same questions. For those interested, they are encouraged to attend any one of the events including the Easter Vigil mass which will take place within the campus Abbey church. 

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