What do Students Want to Study?

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer

Saint Martin’s University has a multitude of graduate programs, majors, and minors. You can choose the College of Arts and Sciences if you are interested in Chemistry, Exercise Science, Social Work, or Communication Studies, to name a few. We have the School of Business, including Business Economics or Business Accounting. Saint Martin’s also has our College of Education, where students can learn to teach any grade. Finally, we have our Hal and Inge Marcus School of Engineering where we have our Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students. There is a large variety of majors here on campus. 

Though Saint Martin’s has  many options, there are some favorites among students. 

While both incoming freshman and transfer students are still applying, the Admissions Office  is projecting that Fall of 2021 freshmen are following the same pattern as the Fall 2020 students with all undergraduate majors. The top majors include Nursing from the College of Arts and Sciences, and Business Administration from the School of Business. The third most popular major is Civil Engineering.

There are some students Admissions doesn’t have figures on yet as 7.5% of students  come in as undecided. There are a few other majors that should be recognized for their size. There is a solid group of Criminology and Criminal Justice majors. Another major of considerable size is Biology because it is an encompassing base for those pursuing graduate school in the medical or dental fields.  

 New academic paths are also being opened at Saint Martin’s. A new major, Women’s Gender and Ethnic Studies (WGE), is currently in the works. Keri Graham, M.A., has helped bring this major into fruition, and it has been in the creation process for about 10 years, starting in 2009 by Graham receiving “a grant funded position looking at Women’s Studies Curriculums.”

Graham speaks highly of this major, saying,“The major has been in the works for a long time with many people involved. This year, the Year of Transformation, really gave the boost to move forward. Dr. Janie Sacco and I decided to go for it.” Dr. Aaron Goings worked on this program as well as support from the Gender and Identity Studies affiliated staff and support from the College of Arts and Sciences. Graham also comments on the interdisciplinary nature of the major and its applicability for non-profit, teaching, and journalism professions. It will be available to start taking in Fall 2021 and if you have any questions, you can talk to Keri Graham. 

There is also a new minor that is emerging called Race and Ethnic Studies, a program that was created by Dr. Tam Dinh and Dr. Ronnie Gordo. These individuals also helped with the Women’s, Gender, and Ethnic Studies major as well. Another course, which will be available this summer, is taught by Dr. Sacco, entitled GIS385 Exploring the Narratives of Black Women. “In the Fall, a foundation course will be taught by Dr. Dinh and Dr. Gordan – WGE210 Intro to Race and Ethnic Studies. “This course will be exceptional.” Graham noted. 

Just released for Fall 2021, is a new academic pathway for Nursing for transfer students. There is an alternative path to go from a Licensed practical nurse (LPN) to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This is designed as an alternative path for those nurses who are licensed but who want to pursue higher education and position, while still working. 

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