Student Highlight: Katelynn Gulley

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer 

RAs do a lot for the students who are living in the dorms, like planning floor events, doing “1-on-1”s and so much more. They also do a lot of events around campus if they are executive members of clubs. Even though it has been difficult for a lot of people during COVID-19, the RAs somehow make it work and they are trying exceptionally hard to make our school year fun within the floors of the resident halls. Just recently, the application for becoming a RA, Norcia Mentor and Coordinator went out and they have results for who is going to be any one of these. 

 Katelynn Gulley is an active RA and is part of the Saint Martin’s class of 2022. Gulley is pursuing her Biology degree here at Saint Martin’s University. She has been an RA for a year and she is also going to be one next year. 

For on-campus recreation, Gulley likes to play pool and explore the campus trails. She also loves to paint, draw, dance, and sing in her free time. She  mentioned that there is only one returning RA for next year, but her favorite part about being an RA for Saint Martin’s is all the people she gets to meet. She also loves getting to know new people and interacting with the students. In addition, Gulley likes the people she gets to interact with because if she didn’t get the RA position, she wouldn’t have quite as much  opportunity to meet others, she said. 

Being an RA during COVID-19, like for many others on campus, has been a challenging experience. Gulley said, “We have been deprived of some of the traditions that some of the RAs before us go to engage in and are seen mainly as a police this year. It has given us new opportunities to learn innovation and flexibility though.” Katelynn also said a few words about being an RA and a student at the same time, saying that it is  difficult and challenging. It is a challenge to  balance being a good friend and a supportive RA for her students on the floor. Like most students here on campus, RAs are trying to also balance a normal life, staying on campus, getting their educations, playing sports and trying to be safe with COVID-19. 

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