Student Highlight: Clara Sodon

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer

Saint Martin’s University has many amazing students. This week, The Belltower selected Clara Sodon for our Student Highlight. From Tacoma, Washington, Clara Sodon is a third-year student that is graduating this year from Saint Martin’s with her major in Political Science. Sodon is very active on campus; she is a member of Harry Potter club, Archery club, and Pre-law club. She is also an RA for Parsons Hall, working with the freshman girls, she is an ITS Help Desk student worker, and Sodon is a Student Ambassador with the Office of Admissions and helps run podcasts for The Belltower

Encouraged by her father to visit the school, Sodon eventually made her way to Saint Martin’s, though she was not impressed at first. However, the very reasons she was skeptical about the school ended up being the things that made her stay. Her previous uncertainties became her favorite parts, like the small class sizes. “I have had classes with as few as three people,” Sodon said. She enjoys the small size also for the ability to walk around campus and to get to actually know people. 

She  appreciates the dedication of the professors. Sodon told a story about a professor who had a stroke shortly before class, therefore canceling it, and then the next class returned with a cake to apologize to the students. “I’ll accept your cake,” Sodon said with a laugh while glad the professor’s health had returned. A testament to how small the school is, Sodon has had the same professor four different times, Ernesto Chavez, who was also helpful to her in her search and application for law schools. “We also have really nice trees,” she commented in finding that it can be helpful to go into the woods for a moment and forget that she is on a college campus.

Sodon is very involved with events on campus, often running her own events as an RA. She has organized Bring your own Ballot, Elf Movie Night, and a Root Beer Float Social. She is also planning events for this semester, like a Bob Ross paint along, and a Zine making event with potentially a feminist speaker panel. She also attends events like Zombie Palooza. “I’m really glad they found a way to make it happen this year with COVID. Still had a blast,” Sodon commented.

Sodon shared a favorite, recent memory from this past year. A friend of hers, Chris Carlisle, organized a scavenger hunt across campus. “It was a great way to spend time with a group of people in a COVID-friendly way,” she said. “Also, escape rooms are kinda my jam so scavenger hunt was right up my alley. I really love riddles and it was really cool.” The scavenger hunt also had a final test at the end of telling the difference between vinegar and water, and if you thought one was water, you had to drink it. Sodon chose wrong, but she happily reminisced. “I had to drink vinegar, but you know, even that was a good memory. And I won an onion! What else could I ask for?”

Sodon is applying to law schools at the moment and is looking to work as a civil rights and constitutional lawyer, most likely in public policy. When she has free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, knocks on Jalyn Boado’s door, and reads books like Vampires and The Lemon Grove by Karen Russell. 

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