Professor Highlight: Dr. Nathalie Kuriowa-Lewis

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer

There are many amazing students and staff in the Saint Martin’s Community, one professor students must get to know is Dr. Nathalie Kuriowa- Lewis. Dr. Lewis talks about the things she enjoys doing during her free time, “ I like to do a lot of things I love to write poetry so I do that a lot and I will try and write as often as I can you know I wish I could write everyday but I try to write every other day and then I also participate in a generative poetry workshop so I will do that to and I just love to write so I also like to focus on academic research writing too so I will kind of dive into that because I work a lot with environmental issues related to work but I kind of have these two areas of writing that I like to do and I will do them during my free time when I have a little time an then when I also like to do is you know I love walking and biking now it’s hard with the pandemic so my lifestyle has changed little bit but you know if when I can I like to swim right though I can’t do that now and I do like to dance I like to play the guitar I’m taking guitar lessons love that and I do like to travel of course traveling is kind of not possible right now.” 

Many professors teach many different courses at in Saint Martin’s University.  Dr. Lewis talks about what she teaches and her reason behind teaching this subject,  “here at Saint Martin’s University I teach a lot of the writing classes and some literature classes as well and I just love doing that I have a Ph.D. in rhetoric composition and then two masters degrees one in theater and one in composition with emphasis in ESL and I found through the years this has been just extremely useful in me being able to teach students a wide range of classes especially writing classes and I just love it. For example at Saint Martin’s I teach creative writing and  journalism I have taught a writing- intensive poetry class I am really happy to create new courses for the floor and ultimately I just really like teaching because I like being with the students I like that contact a lot that human warmth I just love that interaction and I learn a lot from my students I find them always to be very inspiring yeah so I feel grateful to be able to do this job very long.” Everyone who is a part of the Saint Martin’s community has something that they love about the university. Dr. Lewis talks about  the thing she loves about the University, “I really adore our size and there is a lot about our admission that I like and appreciate. For example, I love that we are a relatively small institution which allows us to have small class sizes where we can personalize instruction and work one on one with students and really have a real working relationship with students that is something I just adore because again it’s that human warmth that contact I like that very much that feeling and then in terms of  the philosophy of education because it’s Benedictine too I really appreciate the emphasis on hospitality and educating the whole person so I think as an institution we do try as much as we can right to kind of educate the whole student and I appreciate that mission and I see that mission pretty much grounded in the humanities I think we’re really good at  bringing the humanities to the student.” 

There are many reasons students and staff alike attend Saint Martin’s. Dr. Lewis talks about what had brought her to Saint Martin’s University, “ I wonder if part of it is I immediately felt a familiarity with Saint Martins before coming to campus and I think part of that was because as an undergrad I have been a student at a small liberal arts college that’s Benedictine in Duluth Minnesota called Saint Scholastica and so when I applied to teach at Saint Martin’s I just immediately felt a kind of familiarity that I don’t think I felt as much with other institutions so I think that I had a pretty big influence on my decision to come to Saint Martin’s and again I just like I appreciate the fact that we try as much as we can right to educate the whole student and there is an emphasis on the liberal arts and the humanities and I feel very much at home with that.” There are many amazing people that are a part of at Saint Martin’s community to meet that make campus feel more welcoming.

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