Raya and the Last Dragon Movie Review

Brianna Lopez, Staff Writer

Raya and the Last Dragon, a new movie in theatres and on Disney Plus, was directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Don Hall. Estrada is a Mexican-American filmmaker known for countless music videos as well as his commercials and theatrics. Hall is an American filmmaker as well as a voice actor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, he is well known for co-directing, Winnie the Pooh. 

Between the two relatively young filmmakers, they came up with the movie Raya and the Last Dragon. The movie is about a young girl whose father, (Chief Benja), dreams of bringing together the land that was separated into different tribes so long ago. His dream is basically a utopia of some sort, in the movie it’s referred to as Kumandra. Due to him wanting this dream to come true so desperately, he ends up putting himself and his village in danger. 

Raya is the daughter of Chief Benja, since day one she has been training to be the protector of this egg-like object known as the orb., Iit’s said to hold the powers of the last dragons who basically sacrificed themselves for the tribe when it was still intact, against these beings known as Druun Ddrunes; these Drunes Druun is an amorphous dark purple and black cloud that turns everything it touches into stone. made everyone into stone and made the world a little less populated one would say. 

The movie overall is a very well thought out one. There are a lot of themes in the movie such as trust and kindness. For example, when Raya first meets the last dragon, she has a hard time understanding why it is that confides so much in the people that she comes across. The reason being is when the dragon and her siblings were under attack and the last six standing, they realized that they all had to put their trust in one another, and in a particular a dragon named. This of course happened to be Sisu, the youngest of the dragons. A must -see film especially when you’re bored and want to have a movie night. 

The film does have a lot to offer, such as teaching people when they should follow others and when they should follow their own heart. In the movie, there is a character by the name Namaari. This character although  Though she is very strong- willed, she also has a heart of gold. Her tribe happens to be the one that tricks Raya into giving away where the Orb with the Dragon magic is. Fortunately for Namaari, she was able to attain the orb, Uunfortunately for Raya, the orb was now broken, and she had to figure out how to fix it with such little time. 

Namaari was the daughter of the Chief in a completely different tribe from Raya’s. She was able to trick Raya when they were younger by pretending to want to start some sort of  a friendship with her. However, as Namaari got older she became started to get  colder as a person up until her and Raya met meet again, and this time Raya is in the company of the Sisu Dragon. Due to her being in the company of said dragon, her heart was heart in some way was moved. Not enough to change her completely, but in the movie one can tell when she is about to transition sides. By the end of it all Namaari chooses her own path rather than the one that her mother made up for her,. This is fascinating being given that she was around all this greed and hostility as a child, one would think there was no moving her from her set goal. Overall, the movie shows some great morals and lessons for all to learn from regardless of age. Raya and the Last Dragon is a must-see, especially if you want to have a movie night.

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