Student Highlight: Katherine Jamerson

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer

With many incredible students at Saint Martin’s University, it is hard to choose just one for the student spotlight. This week’s student spotlight will be focusing on Katherine “Kat” Jamerson. Katherine is a second-year psychology major from Tacoma, Washington. However, she did not start out as a psychology major originally. “I started out as a business major, but I wanted to pursue something that I would be more passionate about. I really love helping others and understanding human behavior, so I knew psychology was the perfect major for me,” Jamerson stated.  

When it comes to staying busy on campus activities, Kat is very involved in many clubs and activities. These clubs include NAMI, which stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and the psychology club. “I am the senator of Arts and Sciences, the secretary of NAMI club, and the secretary of psychology club. I am also an Act Six scholar.” 

When Kat was first looking at colleges to go to, she was drawn to Saint Martin’s University because of the small community and the atmosphere here. “I really love the small campus community and the support provided, which is why I chose Saint Martin’s. I remember picturing myself as a student here at Saint Martin’s after my phase three  visit for Act Six during my senior year of high school.” With the supportive environment and the small campus, Kat was very drawn to Saint Martin’s University.  and Aafter visiting the university a couple of times, she knew this was the place for her.

Since living on campus, Kat has made so many memories on campus of campus life that it was hard to pick a favorite. “It is hard to choose just one, but I really enjoyed pulling all-nighters and doing late-night drives to grab food with my friends during my freshman year.” When asked how her friends, peers, or professors would describe her, Kat said that they would most likely answer hardworking, determined, and reliable.

When she is not working on schoolwork or being involved in clubs, Kat loves being able to do something creative in her free time. “I love crafting, playing my clarinet, and playing with animals during my free time.” While also being creative, Kat was able to pick up some skills and talents as well. When asked if she had any secret talents or skills, she said she is able to crochet. “One talent that I have is crocheting. It is not necessarily secret or rare, but it is something I have enjoyed doing for a long time. Over the winter break, I crocheted an entire sweater.”

As for plans for the future, Kat has a few ideas of what she wants to do after she graduates. “After graduating from Saint Martin’s, I hope to continue my education and become a school psychologist.”

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