Trivia Night

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

Saint Martin’s Campus Life Board members try their hardest to make events more interactive and inclusive for the students here on campus. One event that happens every spring is Spring Fest. Hopefully, Spring Fest will happen this year while also following the restrictions of COVID-19 and keeping everyone safe. Spring Fest is an event that SMU Campus life holds but hasn’t been able to put on since the pandemic happened. This fest provides amusements, attractions,  music artists, a 5K to help raise money for charity , tie-dye swag, and summer of Saints Woodstock.  If you follow their social media pages, on TikTok or Instagram, they advertise different events that are being held either in person on campus or through Zoom. Just recently, SMU Campus Life had a Trivia Night led by Bradley Poerio on March 16th from 7-8. The trivia night was held in the TUB Conference room,  having a 25 maximum capacity since they are opening up events on campus. There was a lot of high-energy, competition between all the teams, and the excitement within the room kept the flow of the night going. The trivia night was based on a 100 question Kahoot about pop culture.  The questions consisted of Disney shows and movies, with a mix of non-Disney TV shows and movies. Since, there was a 25 max capacity limit for the trivia night, there were 6 teams of 4. They all played on one phone and answered the Kahoot questions about the shows and movies. Some of the prizes consisted of getting a Dundie Award saying, SMU Dundie Award Trivia Champion”, two $125 Target Gift Cards, one $150 Target Gift Card and the first-place team got a video from David Deluise, or Jerry Russo. 

Surprisingly, the 1st-3rd place teams were very competitive, managed to stay in their places, but moved around the board a lot. To advertise, Bradley, the host of the event, used a Cameo, where they bought a video from a celebrity on TikTok, and it blew up on their page since they only have 1,200 followers. Bradley mentioned, “it was really exciting to have that energy in our social media. The energy of the space transitioned to in-person events, and everyone just needed that time in the environment to be a part of the SMU community again instead of isolated in the dorms. It just sustained. Just competitive and movement on the leaderboard for the Kahoot. 2-6 moving around the board and was really fun to see. The little competitive series between everyone was really exciting, especially between 2nd and 3rd competing for the Dundie awards.” David Deluise was to come down to campus for the trivia night but had another conflict.

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