AHANA Mentor Applications

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer

Saint Martin’s University is known to have many exciting clubs and programs. Many of these clubs offer students leadership roles as well. If students are interested in a leadership program, they may become an AHANA mentor. 

John Hopkins, Ph.D., who is in charge of the AHANA Mentor applications, gives insight as to what the AHANA club is all about. “The term AHANA is an acronym. It stands for African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian-Pacific Islander, and Native American,” he said. “The program is initially designed for incoming BIPOC students. The aim of AHANA is to support student transition and persistence into the Saint Martin’s campus community. Mentors are key. These are second-, third- and fourth-year students of color who help with this transition and persistence. They guide and lead students by sharing their stories of transitioning into Saint Martin’s. Cultural identity, such as race, ethnicity, gender, and class, plays a big role. These students share their experiences as BIPOC students.” 

Dr. Hopkins also tells students how to apply, when applications are due, and where to turn in applications. “Students can receive an application by contacting John Hopkins at jhopkins@stmartin.edu,” he said. The deadline for applications was last Friday, April 9 at 5 PM. 

Dr. Hopkins offers more insight into the mentor role while also listing what is expected and what the programs provide for both mentors and incoming students. He stated, “offered over a three-day period prior to the student orientation, AHANA provides workshops that emphasize college transition and readiness, cultural identity development, and career and major exploration; it allows students to interact with second through fourth-year students of color to learn about the ins and outs of college life and it structures activities that build community with their peers. AHANA embodies the Benedictine value of hospitality and the core theme of community by creating a welcoming and supportive space for our incoming students.” 

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