Getting Ready for Finals

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer 

As every student knows and may be panicking about, finals are soon approaching. This means that learning how to study and getting out your flashcards and favorite BIC pens is more important now than ever. For some, it is time for them to find their favorite methods of studying or favorite spots on campus and soak up all the knowledge they can. For others, it’s time to hit the books to try and cram study for those exams. No matter what your methods are every student has their ways of studying. In this case, seniors were asked what their favorite methods and ways of studying were and how they planned on studying for the upcoming finals.

Responses took a wide range which included things like: “I normally go home and I sit on my bed and try to surround myself with all of my books and open up my laptop so that I can see the study guide while reading the assigned books.”

Other responses were more intense such as, “I normally have my books all covered in highlighter marks and that normally helps me to follow along with exactly what the questions are probably going to be on the exams. I learned a long time ago that if you follow along with the study guide and what it says in the book, including the highlighted parts that were mentioned in class, you can get a pretty good idea of what the exam is going to look like. That includes the questions. So then I try creating what I think the questions will be on these flashcards and I answer them. That normally gives me a pretty good idea of what I’m going to see on the exam  and helps me to get ready for it.” 

Although studying is not the only way that seniors or other classmen can prepare for finals. Part of studying is relaxing, and people’s favorite ways to relax also encompass a wide range. The most popular response to how a student chose to relax before or after a study period was to watch shows on streaming sites. Some other great responses were that students like to hang out with their friends to relax. Conversely, it was also a suggestion that people got their friends together and created a study group if they were studying similar subjects. This is a great opportunity for people to make new friends if they want to create a study group with people from their classes. The best way to study is in groups because of the collective thought process that can occur when bouncing ideas off of each other. If a study group is created, then remember to bring your highlighter pens and lots of paper to take notes. 

Finally, when asked which study methods students would recommend to others, responses were very helpful. “I would recommend paying attention to the study guide if a study guide is offered and always be sure to bring lots of snacks so that you don’t get hungry and distracted when you’re studying.” 

Another student offered a simple response: “Find a method that works for you and stick to it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” Several study methods exist. Whatever one works best for you, and whichever one helps you the most, use that and have the best of luck this season of finals!

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