What Music Do SMU Students Listen to?

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer

With so many different genres and artists, there is music that can suit everyone’s personality and lifestyle. There are many students at Saint Martin’s University, so a variety of music can be expected. For some students, listening to music while they are studying, hanging out with friends, doing some laundry, or just while relaxing can be a common occurrence.

Haley Turner listens to music when she is either studying or driving. “I normally listen to music while driving, studying, or showering,” she said. “Most often I listen to music while driving because that is where I am the most. For studying I sometimes cannot focus so I have to have no noise.” According to an article by Healthline, listening to music while studying can improve focus, but can also be distracting to some. “Plenty of people swear by music as a helpful tool for studying and working. Others find it impossible to concentrate with any background noise at all. Music does offer a lot of benefits, including improved mood, increased motivation, improved memory and brain stimulation, and better management of pain and fatigue” it says. 

Since there are so many ways to listen to music, students are able to find their favorite songs on most streaming services. They can also create playlists to organize their songs into different moods or for different activities. For Turner, she uses Spotify to listen to her music. “I generally listen to music through my car stereo, portable speaker, or through my AirPod Pros. For getting music, I use Spotify the most. I find that it is what’s easiest for me. I do have a playlist, multiple actually. I have different playlists for artists, moods, what I’m doing, etc. I also find new music through Spotify and Pandora, but mostly Pandora.”

For other students like MacKayla-Michelle Reyes, a first-year Exercise Science student, she uses YouTube to listen to music. When she wants to find new music, she’ll listen to music that her friends recommend to her. “I listen to music on YouTube and then put it on autoplay,” she said.“I usually find new music when I’m with my friends or when I try to change the music I usually listen to on repeat.”

With so many genres of music, it can be hard to pick just one. An article by Wonder states, “According to the popular music streaming service Spotify, there are over 1,300 music genres in the world.” With so many genres, it can be hard to find a few genres that can be a favorite, much alone a favorite song or artist.. “My favorite genres would have to be R&B and musicals,”Reyes said. “For me, I love listening to Bruno Major and H.E.R. As for a song that I can listen to on repeat, I think mine would have to be ‘Grow as We Go’ by Ben Platt.” 

For Turner, she doesn’t have a favorite genre but does gravitate toward oldies and pop. “I like a lot of popular songs, but I do enjoy the oldies too. Overall though my favorite genre is probably pop. Lately while studying I have enjoyed Power-Haus or Duomo. Both of these groups have songs I can focus on while doing work without feeling like it’s a lullaby.” 

 There are so many songs, artists, and genres, it can be hard to find a new favorite song. However, if you want to listen to some songs suggested by both Haley and MacKayla, as well as myself, I created a Spotify playlist so you can find a new favorite song.

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