What to do on a Rainy Day

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer 

As the saying goes, “Spring showers bring May flowers”. While that might be true, that leaves the question of what to do during those Spring showers.  How do you make the best of a rainy day that may leave you stuck inside? For students who are looking for ideas on what to do during the rainy days to come, here is a fun and helpful list to follow. 

Go outside. Although it seems counterproductive, going outside could be the perfect remedy for those dreary day blues. Trends on the popular video app Tik Tok include photoshoots with your friends in the rain or going on a wet hike. Hiking can include warm fuzzy blankets and hot cocoa afterward to warm up. Of course, there is the ever-present option of putting on your best rain boots and going to splash in all the puddles that you can find. Go outside and find something that you enjoy, then come back inside to warm up with a hot drink and tell your friends all about it, or even bring them with you. 

Have a movie night. Another popular option in the new age of streaming is to boot up Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or even Amazon Prime and binge-watch your favorite series. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay inside and create a cozy little space with blankets and pillows and spend all day watching your favorite episodes and movies. Maybe it’s a good time to watch your old Disney favorites or catch up on a new series that you’ve been waiting to binge on. The best options are always to find a show that you enjoy and spend a couple of hours watching it. Then maybe go online and make a post about everything that you took away from the episodes and possibly recommend the show to others. You can even set up your little movie theater inside your room and surround yourself with fun snacks and cute recipes. Doing this would lead you to your third rainy day option.

Make some fun treats. When it’s cold and wet outside, that is the perfect opportunity to try out the recipes that you’ve always wanted to try but have never been able to get around to. Maybe it’s a fun popcorn idea that you saw on Pinterest. Or maybe you want to try those food hacks that are always going around the Internet. Maybe you just want to try a new recipe that you found. No matter what the case, a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to bring out those oven mitts and spatula and give it a try. Even if you have a baking fail, you can always adjust the recipe and try again. Or upload the fail for some laughs!

Try a new hobby. Rainy days are a great time to try out something new that you’ve been looking forward to for a while. Whether that is learning how to stitch and embroider so that you can learn how to create clothes, maybe work on a cosplay outfit, or even alter your clothes to be a better fit. Perhaps it’s time to learn how to play the guitar or enjoy an afternoon reading a book. 

No matter what you choose to do on the next rainy day, enjoy your day and use it as an opportunity to destress!

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