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Do your part to end world hunger

Emily Baca and Jalyn Boado Consider this: nearly half of all child deaths worldwide are linked to malnutrition. Hunger and malnutrition are problems that cross many global borders. It is an issue that affects some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, such as women, children, farmers, and those experiencing poverty. The issue of hunger is something that is expansive, as

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The media’s double standards on race and party affiliation

Chelsea Mancilla, Guest Writer   Recently, Virginia politics have been thrown into chaos. Democrats, including Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, have confessed to using blackface in their youth. Initially, the scandal had surrounded Governor Northam, when a picture from his medical school’s yearbook became available to the public. In addition to this, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has

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Bon App or Bon Crap?

Extremely dissatisfied guest writer    This semester, tensions between Bon Appetit workers and resident students have grown increasingly hostile. With a new influx of workers, the policies for meal plan usage have become a serious gray zone.  Resident students eating meals that allow the use of a meal credit are entitled to an “all you care to eat” dining experience,

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Thank you, John McCain

Katherine Pecora, Staff Writer   The United States is experiencing an upheaval of civility and common decency. But, what divides us is so much less than what unites us. That is what the life of Senator John McCain will go on to teach generations far after ours. We were so lucky to live in a time where one of our

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Editor’s Note

To our readers,   Thank you for taking the time to pick up a copy of our paper, the last issue of the year.  As I wrap up my career at Saint Martin’s, I have to thank everyone at the Belltower for all the help along the way. The Belltower staff has been nothing short of great. Being a part

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Religion: choice or forced-belief?

Amanda Chappell, Section Editor   One thought that has consistently been on my mind since I “left the nest,” and became the sort-of independent adult I think I am, is the previous presence of religion in my life, and how it is no longer a prevalent existence. From the age of eight until 18, I attended church regularly, oftentimes more

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