Christmas Traditions for SMU students

Julia Lucas, Staff Writer


Christmas is just around the corner and magic is all around the Saint Martin’s campus. Students are decorating their dorms and RA’s are decorating the halls. There are ugly Christmas sweater parties being thrown, and eggnog is being served at Monk’s Bean. The Christmas cheer can be seen all over campus, even with dreaded finals coming up soon. Luckily for everyone, finals will soon be over, and we will all be able to go home and spend quality time with the people we love around Christmas. The countdown until Christmas Day has started, and everyone is starting to reminisce on previous year’s traditions.

Typically, on Christmas Day, families wake up early and open presents, listen to Christmas music, and have a big feast for dinner. While most Saint Martin’s families may partake in these fun, but typical traditions, many students find themselves thinking outside of the box. Senior Paige Miller has an intense Christmas Day filled with Gingerbread house building competitions. Miller says that the competition is serious with scorecards and judges. Last year, Miller said her team won by making a mansion made completely out of gingerbread cookies and icing. She said it took her team 13 whole hours to finish it.

Devyn Connolly, freshman, also has an intense Christmas morning with a wrapping paper fight. Connolly says that every year after all her family members are finished opening their presents, they take all of the wrapping paper and crumble them into balls and start throwing them at each other. These are the kinds of traditions that you partake in when you live in an athletic household. While these Christmas traditions are fun and different, many Saint Martin’s students have their own traditions that do not involve scheming against one another.

Freshman Emery Norwood and sophomore Hanna Hoffman are both able to open one present the night of Christmas Eve. Norwood always gets an ornament to add to her tree, and Hoffman is always given a new set of pajamas to wear that night. Hoffman also reflected on her favorite part of the holidays; putting up her Christmas art work from when her and her siblings were younger. She says that the art work takes up an wall in their house, and it makes the entire Christmas season feel very nostalgic.

Freshman Adrian Madrigal talked about his family’s Christmas and said that his entire family participates in secret Santa. This fun Christmas activity involves people picking a name from a hat and giving a gift to the person they pick. Madrigal has a huge family, and this is not only a fun way to spread Christmas cheer, but also a smart way to save money by not purchasing everyone a gift. Some families may make Christmas a huge deal, but others may enjoy a more down to earth day with not a lot of activity.

Kamryn Tiumalu’s family takes Christmas as a day of rest and simplicity rather than a huge celebration. Her family goes to a different movie every year and enjoys their feast of popcorn and soda from the concession stand. Christmas may be celebrated with large family gatherings with secret Santa, intense gingerbread competitions, crazy wrapping paper fights, or even just watching a movie, but everyone is still spending time with the people they love.

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