Campus Ministry has big plans for next year

Campus MinistryKaitlin Cunningham, Staff Writer


Campus Ministry is located on the third floor of Old Main at 316 and is directed by Colleen Dunne and Fr. Peter. Most students might recognize the Campus Ministry Office as the place with free hot chocolate, coffee and occasionally, donuts. The Campus Ministry even has a set-aside time for free coffee on Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and free donuts on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. following morning prayer. These yummy treats will not be out until next semester due to the campus going online.

All of this is to connect with and open up to the students, displaying the Benedictine value of service, as Fr. Peter remarks in an interview. Fr. Peter mentions that campus ministry is there to “work in conjunction with student life and address the needs of the students whether they be motivational, spiritual, or emotional.” The Benedictine value of service is the purpose of Campus Ministry, which is why they set up an office. The Campus Ministry Office exemplifies service by giving students a place to go when they have questions or need spiritual guidance.

Campus Life also produces and leads several service projects which students are welcome and encouraged to participate in. These projects can also be found on the Campus ministry page online. The Community Kitchen project gives students the chance to serve community members in need of a good meal and provides clean up after.

Hummingbird Studio is an art outreach program. Most prominently is Our Common Home Farms, which seeks to provide students with the skills to farm and assist in growing natural, locally grown fruits and vegetables to give to those who need them. For those who can afford to, there is even a place to donate to these causes if you are unable to participate in them at  

Unfortunately, most projects have been canceled or postponed due to necessary precautions with social distancing. These projects should be available again next semester so that students can serve and participate in service projects.  

Fr. Peter mentions in an interview that Campus Ministry may see up to two dozen students a day looking to have an ear to bend because they may be struggling with one issue or another. While a recommended option by the Counseling and Wellness center is to visit the counseling center if you are having recurring emotional or mental roadblocks, Campus Ministry is there if you need spiritual or temporary advice. 

When asked, Fr. Peter mentioned he would like everyone to know this about Campus Ministry: “Campus Ministry is here for everyone, Whether you are religious or non-religious. Our concern is your happiness and we will work with you to try to achieve that for you.”

No matter what your background or religious affiliation is, room 316 and the people in it work to be as welcoming and service-minded as they can so they can reach as many students as possible and give them a safe place to turn to.

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