Student Spotlight: Soukita Keopanapay

SoukitaTaryn Zard, Staff Writer 


Soukita (Kita) Keopanapay is a freshman majoring in Business Administration, with a concentration in management. Although unsure if she wants to work in the corporate or nonprofit realm of business, Kita knows her true desire is to eventually become either a project manager, or event planner of sorts. 

Kita has made big waves since joining Saint Martin’s University in Fall 2019. Thus far, she has joined the National Residence Hall Honorary club, and attended their Regional Leadership Conference in Portland, Ore., as well as the Regional Business Conference in Fullerton, Calif., where she was presented as the National Communications Coordinator in Training. 

Kita has played on several intramural sports teams at Saint Martin’s and is a part of the eighth Benedictine Scholars Cohort. Some of her favorite pastimes include tennis, video games, and traveling. 

She has been to several countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Over the years, Kita has been a huge advocate for Lao-Americans and cultural awareness. In 2018, she had a piece published on the most viewed Lao-American website, “Little Laos on the Prairie.”

Kita plans on being an even larger part of the campus community during the 2020-2021 academic year by running for Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU) Senator of Business. 

She is very passionate about her desire to hold a position on ASSMU because she knows 


“… it is difficult for many groups to climb up the corporate ladder due to their identity, and the intersectionality present within them.”

Kita believes the idea of representation is an important topic for discussion on campus, and she hopes to be someone who can start the conversation. 

Kita also wants to promote networking between Saint Martin’s and other campuses in the region. A hope of hers is to help students create the opportunities they are looking for to meet more people that have similar career goals.

“Business is a broad field of study,” said Kita. She believes making connections and learning more about the different types of jobs available in a field of study can help people narrow down the path they wish to pursue.

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